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Dongguan Mingxin Computer Software Development Co., Ltd. is a personalized management software development company that integrates software development, consulting, implementation, and technical services. Hequn Software and Mingxin Software are the independent brands, proprietary rights, independent research and development designs of Dongguan Mingxin Computer Software Development Co., Ltd., always focusing on user needs, making them excellent software suppliers for enterprise information systematic management software and system management integration solutions both locally and nationally. We specialize in providing ERP, inventory, production scanning systems, mobile apps, shopping malls, and personalized software development for various industries.

So far, Mingxin Software Development Co., Ltd. has provided computer information system management software for many enterprises such as clothing, printing, electronics and international trade for more than ten years to comprehensively solve the problems in enterprise management. The current products include clothing ERP, electronic industry ERP, printing ERP, purchase and sales software, HR human resource management software, CRM customer management software, inventory barcode management software, refined production management software, foreign trade order system Mobile apps, mall platform software, and more.

The company has a group of enterprise management consulting consultants with strong industry background, who can help enterprises analyze the problems in management, enable enterprises to successfully and reasonably use information systems to create value, and enhance enterprise competitiveness.The future of Xinhequn Software will make unremitting efforts, relying on software, continuously explore and forge ahead, constantly seek high-tech services, and continue to adhere to the principle of "your needs are our goals to achieve; seek truth from facts, enthusiastic service;" to meet the constantly changing customer requirements of the market, and strive to create high-quality products and services.

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