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M22H Enterprise ERP Management System
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The Mingxin M22 Enterprise ERP Management System is a personalized, digital, and visual enterprise management system. It mainly

 utilizes the principles of digitization and visualization, replacing traditional manual input with push and scan codes, providing one-stop

 supply chain collaborative management. The company's production, customers, and manufacturers operate on the same platform, 

and each object automatically generates a unique SN code. The entire closed-loop process from raw material input to finished product

 output involves scanning component SN codes at each stage, and combining digital signage with production line signage, It can quickly

 and visually track product production and the entire production process, trace the components after finished products are shipped, and 

incorporate the company's technical resources, human resources, information resources, and wealth resources into digital management, 

thereby improving and optimizing the company's management!

Version Description: Single player single player version/Multi player network version!

Suitable industries: Suitable for various industries such as electronics, toys, glass, machinery, furniture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, 

plastics, hardware, molds, gifts, boutiques, electroplating, computers, food, trading companies, etc!

System functional modules: initialization information, order management, sales management, warehouse management, engineering

 management, material requirements, production management, procurement management, outsourcing management, cost 

management, personnel management, financial management, report center!

Detailed introduction to system functional modules:

1. Initialization information: including product data management, department management, warehouse management, manufacturer

 management, customer management, financial data setting, management of product unit price files, etc. It is an indispensable data 

management for ERP online document input!

2. Order management: including management of business quotations, business orders, order delivery quantity inquiries, shipment 

notifications, etc., and assisting business personnel in tracking and analyzing the progress of orders!

3. Procurement management: includes inquiry, requisition, procurement, and can be divided into types such as orders, work orders,

 and direct procurement. Procurement personnel can effectively purchase based on the material demand table, thereby accurately

 analyzing and tracking the quantity of purchased materials. Effective procurement avoids the occurrence of incorrect procurement 

quantities or production shortages, and facilitates procurement and production personnel to query and follow up on materials!

4. Warehouse management: including opening, warehousing, outbound [picking], return, return, transfer, inventory, adjustment, 

scrap, inventory report management, etc., effectively managing the inbound and outbound management of finished products and 

materials, cost accounting of materials, and comprehensive monitoring and analysis of company materials!

5. Sales management: including management of customer shipping orders, customer return orders, customer price history queries, 

etc., to timely understand the shipment status and completion status of orders!

6. Engineering management: including product coding, BOM establishment, production work orders, as well as resource optimization

 for work order material budget, work order quota material requisition, etc., effectively controlling costs!

7. Production management: includes functions such as work center setting, process management, production planning, production 

progress query, production overrun query, manufacturing progress query, order progress query, etc. It solves the multi link tracking

 problem of orders, production, and work orders from multiple perspectives, and completely solves the progress tracking problem 

of enterprise production!

8. Subcontracting management: includes functions such as outsourcing processing orders and outsourcing cargo volume queries, 

which can track the production and delivery progress of outsourcing manufacturers in a timely manner!

9. Personnel management: including personnel, attendance, salary, access control and other functional management, it is a 

professional HR human resource management function in the factory [detailed introduction to M3 human resource management 


10. Financial management: including functions such as accounts receivable and payable, cost management, cash journal

 management, order cost accounting, and voucher cost accounting, and fund flow management based on accounts receivable

 and payable to ensure effective application of funds and rapid withdrawal of funds.

System features:

1. A professional electronic ERP management system with multiple languages, companies, factories, and account sets that can

 be remotely queried!

2. After years of practice and improvement, the system has a clear process and is easy to use!

3. Improve the system log function, with a detailed event list recording the actual operation process of each user, which is 

conducive to checking the user's operation status!

4. All module functions and reports can be customized or saved as a separate format!

5. Permission: Only those who create the information can see it, and the supervisor can see all the information!

6. Support multi unit conversion and image management functions!

7. Support barcode scanning management for inbound and outbound inventory!

8. Complete material coding setting rules. Thus reducing the workload of repeated input by users!

9. Support mobile app scanning homework!

System functional module structure diagram:


System flowchart:

Introduction to functional modules:

Mobile phone production process code scanning operation

Production progress dashboard

Product Services

Software installation

Provide installation, account settings, and content settings for trial users and purchased software

Usage training

After system installation and initialization, comprehensive operational training will be provided to formal users, as well as user guided training for trial use.

Routine maintenance

Telephone and internet are the preferred service methods, and in case the above issues cannot be resolved, on-site service will be provided.

software upgrading

The same version upgrade is provided for free, while upgrades between different series of products require users to make up for the price difference.

free service

Paid service: Enjoy a simple secondary optimization service, including report optimization, for free within one year from the date of purchase.

compensable service

In one of the following situations, users need to bear the corresponding service fees:

1. Users need the software to customize and optimize services

2. The user's software system has exceeded a one-year free service period;

3. Users did not use the software according to normal usage regulations (such as operating errors and deleting or modifying data, resulting in accidental damage to system data);

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