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M17 Clothing Inspection ERP Management System
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The Mingxin M17 Clothing Inspection Management System is a quality inspection management system specifically developed for clothing inspection companies. This system is in a leading position in China and is the most personalized and professional management system for domestic clothing inspection enterprises. Manage business operations such as garment inspection quotation, customer orders, finished product incoming, inspection, packaging and shipment, and payment requests. The system generates multilingual documents and inspection reports that comply with the standards of clothing inspection companies in Europe, America, and Japan. It is a management tool specialized in inspecting the quality of clothing products for companies.

System modules:

Shared data, documentary management, Inventory control, quality inspection management, packing management, financial 

managementIntroduction to each module of the system:

1. Shared data: including multi factory management, color separation and code separation management, multi language 

settings for parts, multi language settings for bad reasons, multi language settings for processes, multi Brand management

 for customers (manufacturers, trading plants), picture management, company accessory management, etc., which is a 

necessary data management for international standard inspection companies.

2. Tracking management: including customer quotation management, quotation changes, customer order management, 

receipt notifications, order entry and exit details management, etc., assisting tracking personnel in tracking and analyzing

 order progress.

3. Inventory control: includes checking packing list, goods distribution list, production record and goods distribution details, 

so as to accurately record and track the quantity of incoming goods. There is an error in the quantity of effective incoming 

goods, and the accompanying personnel and production personnel inspect and record the incoming goods.

4. Quality inspection management: includes management of size inspection forms, spot check inspection forms, spot check

 picture tables, inspection record sheets, inspection reports, grocery inspection reports, production progress queries, 

customer monthly settlement statistics, etc. The system generates multilingual documents and inspection reports, as well

as inspection defect reports that meet the standards of European, American and Japanese clothing inspection companies.

5. Packing management: including good product packing list, defective product packing list, monthly settlement shipment

/return management, and ensuring that tracking personnel perform batch settlement on incoming batch lists.

6. Financial management: including payment request form, payment details query, and payment summary query,

 providing convenience for finance to settle batch payment requests.

7. System function management: includes document numbering, language switching, permission setting, system 

configuration, data backup, data recovery, data deletion, operation logs, system reminders, and other management

 functions to ensure the security and stability of data 


System features:

1. A professional multi language, multi company, multi factory, and multi account set clothing inspection 

management software that can be remotely queried!

2. Flexible personalized customization function, can choose or reject columns according to the individual 

needs of the enterprise, adjust the position and width of columns, etc., simple and easy to use!

3. Improve the system log function, with a detailed event list recording the actual operation process of

 each user, which is conducive to checking the user's operation status!

4. All module functions and reports can be customized or saved in a separate format, and can be exported to Excel!

5. Permission: Only those who create the information can see it, and the supervisor can see all the information!

6. Support mobile app scanning homework!

 /><span style=System flowchart:

System related forms:

1、System Home screen:

Document management:

1、Customer quotation (contract):

2、Customer order:

3、Shipping Notice Details

Inventory control:

1、Check the packing list:

Distribution order

Quality inspection management:

1、Dimensional inspection table:

2、Sampling Inspection Form

3、Inspection Record

4、Defective installation list

5、packing list

6、Inspection report

financial management


2、Payment Request Summary Query

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