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Hequn Foreign Trade Order ERP System
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The 'Hequn Foreign Trade Order ERP System' is based on the B/S structure of SaaS web page operation mode, using a computer and mobile phone integrated operation management. Its functions include: order management, procurement management, outsourcing processing management, customs declaration management, user management. It focuses on business orders to carry out collaborative operations such as procurement, outsourcing, reconciliation, customs declaration, etc., in order to form a completely consistent business management chain among customers, factories, and companies Information synchronization management. Enable all departments of the company to work on a unified platform, so as to more effectively centralize and quickly control the operation of the entire order production data. To improve customer service quality and reduce production and business costs!

Foreign trade order system is a professional Order management system designed for foreign trade enterprises. It is mainly used to manage the order process of foreign trade enterprises, including order creation, order confirmation, order shipment, logistics tracking, settlement, and other links. Its main functional modules include:

1. Order Management: Order management is the core module of the foreign trade order system, which includes functions such as order creation, order confirmation, order query, and order adjustment. It can support multiple order types, such as formal orders, sample orders, stock orders, etc.

2. Product management: Product management refers to the management of enterprise products, including adding new products, editing products, product classification, product prices, etc.

3. Customer management: Mainly responsible for maintaining and managing customer information for foreign trade enterprises, which can support classification management, customer information modification, customer order history query, etc.

4. Sample management: mainly used for sample outbound, return, borrowing, destruction and other operations, recording the usage of samples, facilitating enterprise inventory management and tracking of samples. By using a sample management system, enterprises can improve the efficiency and accuracy of sample management, avoiding various problems caused by improper sample management.

5. Procurement management: includes operations such as supplier selection, procurement inquiry, purchase order creation, and procurement progress tracking.

6. Outsourcing management: includes operations such as outsourcing manufacturers, outsourcing contracts, and outsourcing progress tracking.

7. Inventory management: In the foreign trade order system, inventory management includes functions such as inventory query, inventory distribution, inventory flow, and inventory counting. Through inventory management, enterprises can understand their inventory situation, optimize their inventory structure, and adjust their stocking strategies in a timely manner.

8. Customs declaration management: including filling, submitting, querying, editing and other functions of Customs declaration. Through the system, you can easily complete the creation and submission process of Customs declaration.

9. Financial management: The foreign trade order system can record the revenue and expenditure of orders, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, etc., making it convenient for enterprises to conduct statistics and settlement.

In short, the foreign trade order system plays an important role in improving the efficiency of foreign trade enterprises, reducing management costs, and optimizing management processes.

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