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M20B Mold Cup ERP System
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Mingxin M20B Molded Cup ERP System is a Enterprise resource planning software developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, which can perfectly meet the management needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. This system covers multiple aspects such as procurement management, sales management, inventory management, financial management, cost management, production management, etc. At the same time, it provides rich business processing functions and data analysis reports, which can help enterprises achieve automation, efficiency, and data-driven management of their business.

Specifically, the mold cup ERP system can achieve the following core functions:

1. Procurement management: This includes functions such as supplier management, purchase order management, and procurement warehousing management, helping enterprises manage supply chain and material procurement.

2. Sales management: It includes functions such as customer management, sales order management, and sales outbound management, which can help enterprises do a good job in customer relationship management and sales business management.

3. Inventory management: It can achieve functions such as inventory monitoring, inventory warning, inventory transfer, and inventory counting, helping enterprises achieve refined inventory management.

4. Financial management: It can achieve functions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, and financial statements, making enterprise financial management more standardized and convenient.

5. Production management: including production plan management, production process tracking, production cost accounting, and other functions, to assist enterprises in production process management and cost management.

6. Data Analysis: The data analysis function of the Mobei ERP system is very powerful, which can help enterprises analyze and generate reports on sales data, procurement data, inventory data, financial data, and other aspects of data.

Overall, Mobei ERP system is a practical, fully functional, and easy to operate enterprise management software aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises achieve efficient, refined, and intelligent digital management.

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